Most Expensive Racing Pigeon Kept for Breeding

Most expensive racing pigeon to be kept for breeding‚ says co-owner

The South Africans who bought a racing pigeon for a world record 360 000 euros last weekend plan to keep the pigeon in Belgium for breeding purposes.

Mark Kitchenbrand‚ who together with his partner Samuel Mbiza‚ bought the pigeon known as “Golden Prince” at auction house Pipa in Belgium‚ said the purchase was “was one of the best investments I could ever have made”.

Mark Kitchenbrand and Samuel Mbiza are the two proudly South African owners of ‘Golden Prince’.

Mark Kitchenbrand and Samuel Mbiza are the two proudly South African owners of ‘Golden Prince’.

The previous record was set in 2013 when a bidder paid 310 000 euros for “Bolt”.

Kitchenbrand is a breeder and racer of pigeons and his family has the best combined winning results any South African pigeon racing family to date‚ with over 500 races.

Speaking to Talk Radio 702 on Wednesday evening‚ Kitchenbrand said the reason they bought the bird was because of its racing genes.

“We want the genetics. The best birds in the world are the most expensive normally and those are the birds that win the races.”

Kitchenbrand said the purchase was all about buy generic inderal 80mg competing‚ winning and getting a return on the investment.

“When you buy the worlds’ most expensive pigeon‚ the obvious thing is that bird will be breeding and we will put the best hens to it and those babies and offspring will be made available on a platform worldwide for sale.

“So your return on investment is not only in the racing of offspring but the selling of offspring to various buyers all over the world.”

Kitchenbrand said for a pigeon which had been bought specifically for breeding‚ it would be kept in Belgium where it would be looked after by vets and kept in a loft with a partner.

“Babies will be sent back to SA and we will cross them with the current genetic line that we have‚” Kitchenbrand said.

Kitchenbrand said Golden Prince was a proven racer from Belgium who had been dominant in the long distance races.

“He is a superstar‚ he is a Usain Bolt. He has annihilated everything and because of those results and because his grandfather was a superstar‚ the genetic line is there‚” he said.

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