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Porch House, South Otterington, Nr Northallerton

Ray’s health has been deteriorating considerably over past two years, suffering major stroke earlier 2020 and heart problems. No racing at all 2020. Birds obtained from Paul Simpson, Ripon


When Ray was in good health these pigeons did him proud, winning 4x1st Durham Combine’s, 1stArras, 1stYpres, 1stLillers (1), 1stLillers (2), 2ndBurbure, 3rdArras (2), 11x1st Darlington Feds in the last few years plus 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8thetc. See results, and 9thUNC 16,000 birds Lillers, 18thOpen NEHU Burbure.

These birds win from 70 to 560 miles, in any conditions especially the tough hard headwinds. All bids have to be sold.

The dark birds are mainly Sitchelbaut, Herman Van de Weyer. The blues, blue white are mainly Persoon Grondelaers, Hofkens, all related to Pocket Rocket 10x1sts, 1stGYA etc, Dazzler, Mel etc.

For commissions etc, if you are not on internet – Haswell Plough Auctions will bid on your behalf

Contact Tel 0191 584 4988 or 07831 364090 – By email

Please note birds were in moult when pictures were taken, not showing them as they are now. Not fancy pedigrees, but pedigrees with all birds. They are a team of winning pigeons up to Combine level.

All to be sold over three sales, all related to the Combine winners, to include 3rdCombine cock, two direct Premier Stud birds and super stock birds, and young stock.

Paul Simpson still winning approximately 7x1sts 2020, did not race full programme. Winner of 11x1st GYA Combine, won Stockton & District Fed nine times out of 10 years, winner 14thSun City 4,824 birds, Ocean Wave was 3x1st UK in 11thSun City Race, Ocean Beauty was 1stUK, 4thOpen beat by 0.9 sect for the car, won $5,284 in prize money. Hard to beat in Classic racing.

Ray Naisby & Son have had my very best birds over a number of years. In good health Ray was very hard to beat. I wish him well in his retirement. You can’t go wrong with these birds. – Paul Simpson

Ray Naisby & Son

Summary 2013-2019

2013 Durham Combine 13pts 11thOverall, 2014 Durham Combine 74pts Winner, Championship Top Prize, 2015 Durham Combine 17pts 6thOverall, 2016 & 2017 No Points, 2018 Durham Combine 9pts 12thOverall, 2019 Durham Combine 3pts, 2013 Darlington Fed 3x1sts, 2014 Darlington Fed 4x1sts, 2015 Darlington Fed 2x1sts, 2016 Darlington Fed 1x1st, 2017 Darlington Fed No Points, 2018 Darlington Fed 1x1st, 2019 Darlington Fed No Points, very little racing due to ill health, Durham Combine – 4 wins, Darlington Fed – 11 wins, 4x1st Durham Combine, 2013 Durham Combine 13pts 11thOverall, Buckingham 29/6/13 1stFed, Buckingham 13/7/13 1stFed, Lillers 20/7/13 1stFed, Durham Combine, Lillers 20/7/13 1st, 41st& 42nd, Clermont 7/6/13 11th, 35th, 46th& 48th, Buckingham National 22/6/13 39th& 50th, Arras 6/7/13 8th, 2014 Top prize winner Durham Combine 74pts, Top prize winner Durham Combine Championship, Lillers 23/5/14 1stFed, Buckingham 31/5/14 1stFed, Arras 7/7/14 1stFed, Ypres 23/7/14 1stFed, Durham Combine, Eastbourne 13/5/14 3rd, 7th, 11th& 38th, Lillers 23/5/14 1st, 3rd, 7th, 21st& 24th, Reims 6/6/14 32nd, 38th& 50th, Maidstone National 17/6/14 6th, Bourges 20/6/14 7th& 8th, Arras 6/7/14 1st, 3rd& 11th, Ypres 23/7/14 1st& 34th, 2015 Durham Combine 17pts 6thOverall, Arras 25/5/15 1stFed, Roye 5/6/15 1stFed, Durham Combine, Eastbourne National 10/5/15 26th& 34th, Arras 25/5/15 3rd, 8th, 13th& 49th, Roye 5/6/15 5th, 35th, 39th& 41st, Arras 18/7/15 36th, 2016 Maidstone 28/5/16 1stFed, Durham Combine, Eastbourne National 14/5/16 47th, Maidstone National 29/6/16 16th, Arras 8/7/16 26th, Arras 23/7/16 30th, 2017 Durham Combine, Eastbourne National 14/5/17 30th, 2018 Durham Combine 9pts 12thOverall, Reed 3/6/18 1stFed, Durham Combine, Burbure 11/6/18 NEHU Open 2ndCombine 18thOpen, 2019 Durham Combine 3pts, Burbure 25/5/19 41st, Roye 9/6/19 33rd, Gien 21/6/19 7th