BICC Online Auction


With pigeons acquired from some of the best flyers in the UK and Europe.
The auction starts at 4pm on
THURSDAY 10th MARCH and will run for 13 days finishing
from 7pm on WEDNESDAY 23rd MARCH
Minimum opening bid £50.00
For anyone who is not computer literate and wishes to place a bid, you can call Russell Bradford on 01933 410322 or 07798 625231 but advise before final day.

Lot 1: Here we kick off the 2022 sale with a super young bird from BICC stalwarts Lee & Kevin Buddle of Dover. Lee and Kevin need no introduction when it comes to international marathon racing and they have offered a young bird from the cream of their loft direct from 2x1st Open BICC winners. Sire GB15N11222 Triple Two 1st Open BBC Barcelona 2019, 3rd BICC Barcelona. Triple Two is a son of Amoy and Mike. Amoy won 1st BICC Pau 2009 and is also the dam to Oasis 1st BICC Marseille 2018, 3rd BICC Marseille 2019 etc. Mike won 3rd BICC Marseille 2014, 4th BICC Marseille 2011, 9th BICC Marseille 2013, 13th BICC Pau 2015, 13th BICC Agen 2014, 24th BICC Perpignan 2012, 37th BICC Pau 2013, 60th BICC Pau 2013, 64th BICC Pau 2012 & BICC Certificate of Merit Award. Dam GB16N12194 Daphne 1st Open BICC Marseille 2020, 3rd Open BICC Perpignan 2019 593 miles, 37th Open BICC st Vincent 2019. Daphne is a g-dtr of Amoy Mike & Elsa. In addition to Mike and Amoys results above, Elsa won 1st BICC Narbonne 2014, 29th BICC Perpignan 2015, 36th BICC Pau 2016, 39th BICC Agen 2013, 47th BICC Pau 2015.

Lot 2: From Jill & Clive Rogers and Neil Sales. Jill is the clubs new President and the partnership offer and absolute cracker of a pigeon from the very best bloodlines of Mark Gilbert. Sire is direct from Southfield Hugo 1st BICC, 104th International Barcelona 2018, 1st BICC Perpignan 2017 when he was paired to Southfield Gold Lady 1st BICC, 151st International Barcelona 2020. Dam is from Southfield King 1st NFC Pau 2020 only the second yearling to win the Grand National when paired to an inbred daughter of Jellema’s Kleine Jade, 1st International Barcelona 2014.

Lot 3: From Geoff & Catherine Cooper, legends of our sport supporting the BICC sale with something very special, a double grandchild of their 1st International winner Wollongong. Sire direct from Wollongong, 1st International Pau when paired to the world famous Armando of Verschoot. Armando is considered the best Fond pigeon ever winning 1st National Ace KBDB Long Distance 2018, 3rd National Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance 2017. Dam direct from Wollongong, 1st International Pau when paired to the 2018 1st International Barcelona winner Lloyd.

Lot 4: What an offer this is from the famous lofts of John Crehan, Salford. A young bird from the pick of his stock loft. That’s right the winning bidder can choose a youngster from the pair of their choice in Johns Hooymans stock loft. At stock John has two children of Harry, four from New Harry, four from Beauty Harry, he owns the only son of Stareye outside of Jan Hooymans own loft, Stareye being the mother of New Harry, Harry Junior etc. You really wont get a better opportunity to obtain the best of Jan Hooymans bloodlines than this!

Lot 5: Donated by Welsh Ace Mark Sparey of Abertillery. A superb pair of summer bred YBs from Mark’s superb stock loft. Sire is a direct son of Southfield Hugo bred in the lofts of Hugo Batenburg when paired to Special Narbonne a direct daughter of the Special One, 1st International Barcelona. Dam is a double granddaughter of Orion, Orion is a foundation pigeon in the lofts of Jelle Jellema being an exceptional racer and even more valuable in the breeding loft.

Lot 6: Donated by Gladwin & Jarvis from their phenomenal Formula 1 Frans Zwols. These Zwols pigeons are capable of dominating National racing as we have seen in recent years, this YB same way bred as 1st NFC 2020. Sire D32 a winner on the road and a son of the superb stock pair D’Artanian and Dream Girl, full brother and sister pairing. Dam 552 another high-performance racer that is now successfully forging a career in the stock loft, 559 is from 099 Brother Frans and Little Silver. Brother Frans being a full brother to the sire of King of Rekkem and Little Silver from Lucky Boy and Silver Girl.

Lot 7: Donated by John Cowlin to fully complement Lot 6, this being another superb Frans Zwols pigeon being direct from Burnham Queen a winner of 1st BICC and dam of a 1st BICC winner. They don’t come much better than this YB. Sire only a young pigeon and already sire to a 1st Open BICC National winner in 2021, he is direct from the Amal Cock and Guernsey Princess. Dam Burnham Queen winner 1st Open BICC and dam of 1st Open BICC. She is from a son of two BICC winners for Micky Watts and a direct daughter of the wonder pair that is the Prince of Rekkem and Dreamy.

Lot 8: Donated by Mark Williamson of Ashbourne with a superb offering especially for the BICC. Sire Buttlers Son ace stock cock direct from the Butler bred by Gaby Vandenabeele and the Engels stock hen Joska sister of 1st National Argenton. Buttlers Son is sire of 2x1st Section NFC, 3x2nd Section and 1x 3rd Section NFC/MNFC. Dam Rianne, a granddaughter of Jan Hooymans Harry, She is dam of 1st Section 10th Open MNFC.

Lot 9: GB21P34095 blue chequer hen. The first of two pigeons offered by the club’s Chairman Mark Gilbert and what an offer a direct daughter of Southfield King winner of 1st NFC Pau 2020. Sire Southfield King, 1st NFC Pau 2020, 1st BBC Pau 2020, winner of Kings Cup and Queens Coronation cup for the RPRA best Long Distance Performance. Dam Miss Gilbert an outstanding stock hen, a direct daughter of New Laureaat and Kleine Jade 1st International Barcelona 2013 & 2014 respectively. Miss Gilbert is dam of 1st BICC Agen 2018 and 11th BICC Agen 2019.

Lot 10: GB22N40700 donated by Paul Basham direct from Burseldene Brian 1st Open BICC Poitiers when paired to his own mother. Sire Burseldene Brian winner of 1st BICC Poitiers being a grandson of Farmer George and Farm Ivy on the sires side and a granddaughter of double National winner Southfield Darkie. Dam bred by Mark Gilbert a direct daughter of Southfield Darkie winner of 1st BICC Pau and 1st BBC Messac.

Lot 11: Donated by John Haynes of Fifield, direct from 3rd NFC Pau and inbred to the superb racer breeder Golden Barcelona. Sire winner of 3rd NFC Pau 2020 and a grandson of the Golden Barcelona. Dam daughter of the Golden Barcelona when paired to 1st Section 9th Open BICC Elgin 2021 a yearling hen, her father is from Cor de Heijde and is a son of his 2nd National Barcelona Blue Dream, and the mother is a daughter of our best breeder, Golden Barcelona and is a full sister to Gold Lady, 1st National Barcelona in 2020.

Lot 12: Donated by John & David Staddon offer a 2022 summer bred young bird from the stock loft direct from Portrait Boy 2nd BICC, 69th International Agen. Sire Portrait Boy bred by J & D Staddon raced by D Young, 1st Section, 2nd BICC, 69th International Agen 22000 birds, 7th Section 27th National Agen. 100% DeWeerdt from the lines of George and Titch. Dam Diva bed by D Hales/D Goodchild a daughter of Tubbys Boy, 8th BICC Marseille 615 miles, 8th & 45th National Pau and Daves Diva 4th BICC Perpignan, 4th & 6th BICC Agen and 8th BICC Narbonne.

Lot 13: GB21D04220 chequer hen donated by Geoff & Clayton Preece of Dover, consistently brilliant in the international races, year in year out. Chequer hen, containing our best bloodlines such as Sunny Jim 1st National Perpignan 2019. The 168 grandmother to 1st National Narbonne 2019 (on the day), Jack Jones 1st National Perpignan 2010 (on the day) and father to 1st National Narbonne 2019 (on the day), Wiggins 1st National Perpignan 2012, 1st National Perpignan 2014 (on the day).

Lot 14: GB21C40884 blue hen donated by Les Green from his outstanding Best Kittel family. Sire BK Playboy, a direct son of Best Kittel when paired to the ace racer/breeder Shakira. Dam Junior Ace 581, a direct daughter of Junior when paired to the National Ace Hen mother of Blue Best Kittel 1st National Ace Sprint KBDB 2021.

Lot 15: NL21-1178791 Blue Donated by Ad Fortuin of Strijen, Netherlands. Sire Young Laureaat Ace breeder being father of 5th National Barcelona, 32nd National Agen, 47th National St Vincent etc, a direct son of the 2012 Barcelona International winner New Laureaat when paired to a daughter of Golden Wing from Delrue-Van Bruaene 2nd National ace pigeon Barcelona 2006-2010. Dam daughter of Lloyd 1st International Barcelona 2018 when paired to Miss New Laureaat 1st National Agen, 3rd International Yearlings Agen.

Lot 16: NL21-1752241 chequer cock donated by Hugo Batenburg, son of Laura 23rd National Marseille 2021. Sire Son of Jef 1st International Barcelona 2019 when paired to a daughter of Lloyd 1st International Barcelona. Dam Laura 23rd National Marseille 2021, Laura is from a son of Bonte Narbonne when paired to a daughter of New Laureaat 1st International Barcelona x Special Narbonne 2nd International Narbonne.

Lot 17: Donated by John Chipperfield a 2022 double grandchild of Sophie 1st BICC Barcelona 2019, 15th BICC Pau, 15th BICC Perpignan. Sire bred for stock a son of Sophie 1st BICC Barcelona when paired to son of 2nd International Perpignan. Dam bred for stock a daughter of Sophie 1st BICC Barcelona when paired to a son of the Golden Barcelona sire of Southfield Hugo and Southfield Gold Lady both 1st Open BICC Barcelona winners.

Lot 18: Steve and Lesly Wright at The House of Aarden are offering a late bred 2022 youngster as a choice from any of his principle breeders after July 31st, up to a value of £500. What an offer as this could be a bird off his famous Padfield family; a bird from the Jelle Jellema collection or maybe Frans Zwols takes your fancy. Give Steve a call on 01208 821881 (or mobile 07884 391147) prior to making a bid and see what will be available.

Lot 19: Donated by Dean Childs from two superstars of his Loft, Chalice John and Chalice Emma. Sire is Chalice John winner of 6th BICC Perpignan, 12th BICC Pau, 13th NFC Pau. Dam is Chalice Emma winner of 4th BICC Pau.

Lot 20: Donated by Ace Lofts, Malik and Khan offering a summer bred young bird from their ultra successful family, direct from National Ace 1st NFC Coutances. Sire National Ace winner of 1st NFC Coutances, National Ace is a grandson of New Harry being bred from Mufasa, Son New Harry when paired to Tip Top Ace Frans Zwols from Tip Top Junior & Queen of Rekkem. Dam is Venus a direct daughter of the Geeloger of Koen Minderhoud when paired to Ace Madam – Grand daughter of Kanibaal of Dirk Van Dyke.

Lot 21: GB21N61301 blue chequer hen to finish the sale a superb offering from Mark Gilbert a direct daughter of Southfield Darren when paired to the mother of King. Sire the amazing Southfield Darran who won the following in six weeks of racing during the summer of 2019, 3rd BICC, 7th International Pau 2019, 1st BICC, 220th International St Vincent 7th BICC Perpignan. Dam Daughter Lissette, the mother of Southfield King 1st Open NFC Pau, 1st Open BBC Pau 2020.