Brexit and Racing Pigeons

To provide members with an overview of what is going on ‘behind the scenes’ at the RPRA in respect of Brexit and its impact on the import and export of racing pigeons to an from the EU; please refer to the latest correspondence sent to the APHA and EU Commission below. Please note that this does not affect pigeons transported for racing purposes as the APHA has previously provided assurances in this respect (as previously published). Readers/Members should note that the content is just an interpretation and may not be correct. This is particularly relevant to the interpretation of the Quarantine rules. Therefore no reliance should be placed on the content published. Hopefully, clarity will be obtained from both the EU and APHA in the near future that will lead to the issue of Racing pigeon specific guidance in respect of importing and exporting – to include Northern Ireland. This matter has also been brought to the attention of the Chair of the APPG who will hopefully raise this issue at a senior level within DEFRA/APHA. In the meantime I thought it would be beneficial to members to publish the content of this communication and therefore hopefully reassure them that steps are being taken on their behalf. Please see the full article through the link

Ian Evans CEO