Haswell Plough Auction

SUPREME AUCTION – Lot Information

Sensational stock bird release


Especially selected for major classic racing.

The very best direct from two superstar lofts including
To include direct birds from FAMOUS BOX 9 PAIR regarded as the best breeding pair of Leo Heremans in the country – DE 33 x DE 20 plus EURO VISION, SINNITA, HERCULES, GABRIELLE, SINNITA, TESSA, LANCE, INDIANA, COUNTESS, BLUE THUNDER, BRITT ETC – Bloodlines now very hard to come by.
This unplanned release is a chance of a lifetime.Plus three super birds direct from PAUL CARTER of LIME VIEW LOFTS producing top winners UK and Ireland from his superb producing stock birds SAFIER 003, OUTWIND, DOUBLE OLYMPIADE, LADY SAFIER, SHORT SIGHTED and PUZZLE. Birds direct from these in this sale. Mainly bred year 17, full pedigrees with all birds. It cost a lot of money to put this team together.


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No 1. C H 16N49410 Cashmere. Wonder producer club and Fed. Winners and proven producers. Bred by Curtis, Wall & Lunt. Sire Hercules, fantastic pigeon, winner 9x1sts, 3x2nds, 3x3rds up to 2,734b. Only raced up to yearling stage. Now sire, g.sire, g.g.sire many top winners and producers, direct sire Adonis x Miss Magic. Dam Gabrielle, dam club, Fed, Open North West Nat winner and 3rd Open NWGN, 1st Combine CL 5,464b. Dtr Euro Blue Leo Heremans sire of Den As, 1st As Duif x Gust 038, dtr good racer Favoriet 3x1sts and 2nd 841b x Goud Vinkje of Leo Heremans.

No 2. Blue C 17N098303 Sash, sire of winners with Cashmere No 1. Bred direct by Curtis, Wall & Lunt, direct from one of their best pairs. Sire Indianna, sire club, Fed winners (Leo Heremans). Son De 500 direct son Olympiade 003. Big winning bloodlines x Beauty Hen, fantastic specimen, full sister to Leo’s all time greatest De Jan responsible for major winners and producers across the globe. Dam Countess, winner 1st Open Three Counties Combine 4,929b etc. Winner of two RPRA awards, now major producer, dtr Hard Luck, beaten 10 times by loftmates for 1st Fed etc. More than made up breeding top winners x De 410, top racer/breeder dtr Indianna. See sire this No 2.

No 3. C H 19HAR836 Gogo, winner 60th UNC. Dtr Cashmere, No 1 x Sash No 2.

No 4. C C 19HAR850, full brother to No 3.

No 5. C C 19HAR837 nest brother to No 3 Gogo.

No 6. C H 17C15994 Carter Pride, super pigeon bred by Paul Carter, Lime View Lofts, one of the most successful lofts for breeding Classic, Fed, Open and Combine winners across UK and Ireland, they have a remarkable record. Sire Double Olympiade, super g.son famous Olympiade 003 mother Double Olympiade 4486 purchased from Brian Johnson, Doncaster, g.dtr Olympiade Jackpot x Finette, responsible for many winners. Dam Lady Safier, Leo Heremans pure gold bloodline, g.dtr famous Safier. Pride, the hen to found a loft.

No 7. B H 17A45317 Paula, H/Ceusters, bred by Paul Carter, dtr very special pair Outwind x 16F35003 Jan/Safier 003. Sire Outwind, fantastic producer g.son Wild Wind, wonder racer/producer x Samson’s Girl, responsible for multi top winners up to Combine level for Premier Stud. Ace bloodlines x 027 sister to many 1st Fed winners, dtr Paul’s famous 277 hen. Dam 16F35003 De Jan/Safier 003, top class breeder with remarkable breeding dtr 4952, sire club/Fed winners x 13E41877, dam club and Fed winners including 3rd NW Combine winner, direct dtr of Brian Johnson’s No 1 stock pair responsible for 41x1st Fed winners and many 1st Section winners. G.dtr Safier, sire 14x1st Fed winners x 610, 2610 dam 27x1st Fed winners.

No 8. C C 17C15987 H/C, Carter Pancho, again the very best from Paul. Sire Short Sighted Already sire 1st & 2nd WY Fed 1,101b. Son Short Story x De 374 original Heremans Ceusters. Dam 09Z58370 Puzzle Marina V.D Velde, full sister to three brothers, all breeding Fed winners for Paul Carter, terrific Samson lines.

No 9. B C 17E29213 Leo Heremans Troy, bred by Curtis, Wall & Lunt. Troy the result of pairing best to best, son of class YBs. Sire 16.39876 winner 1st Club, 1st Fed Yeovil. Super son Indianna champion producer of multi club and Fed winners from a full sister to De Jan x Red Sonia super hen from g.dtr of champion Olympiade x Red Leo g.son De Jan. Dam 15.82025 L/H stock, dtr Dream Boy, sire of Fed winners 14, 15 x 2016. G.son Dream Pair L/Heremans No 1 pair x Red Sonia from g.dtr Olympiade. Best to best to very best.

No 10. B H 17E29216 L/H Fabrino bred by Curtis, Wall & Lunt. Bred in purple, g.dtr Famous Box 9 Pair x Eurovision. This hen has a cracker of a breeding eye and bred some top pigeons. Sire 16N49443 L/H, son Box 9 Pair De 33 x De 20 responsible for multi club, Fed, Open and Amal winners all over UK, plus outstanding breeders, one of our all time best breeding pairs. Dam 14A28570 dam winners, dtr two aces Eurovision x Des. Eurovision sire, g.sire Fed and Combine winners, top son Den Euro L/H x Roulette dtr Jackpot x Mysterious L/H x Des, dam Fed winners, dtr Alexander (Verkerk ace) x 896 dtr one of best pairs ever.

No 11. C C 17N076477 L/H Spitfire bred by Curtis, Wall & Lunt. The make up of a flying machine. Sire 14.89955 L/H direct son De 69 winner 3x1st Clubs, 3x1st Feds, 2x2nd Feds beaten by loftmate, up to 1,641b. Son Box 9 Pair x Tessa L/H, dam Fed winners. Dam De 965 L/H, dtr Brother De Jan super producer, sire, g.sire winners including 1st Parsberg 433km 8,328b x Lucky 199 L/H top stock hen, dtr Lucky Punch x Frieda, top Gus Janssen hen.

No 12. B H 17N076469 L/H Euro Violet bred by Curtis, Wall & Lunt. Wonder hen with wonder breeding, one of the star hens. Sire Eurovision, star producer of champions in club, Fed, Combine etc. G.sire also to RPRA award winners, top son Den Euro, big winner, 2x1sts top Quievrains 2,687b and 2,516b. Winner 1st Nat Ace Duif 2003 x Roulette, top hen dtr Jackpot x Mysterious, top dtr Olympiade top Leo breeding. Dam Sinnita L/H, winner 1st Club, 1st Fed dtr Box 9 Pair. See No 10 also. Again best to best breeding.

No 13. D H 17A14341 L/H Collete bred by CWL, line bred to De Jan, my greatest ever pigeon (quote Leo Heremans). Sire Ranger sire of winners including one in first nest, son Number 3, top racer, winner many prizes including 1st Open 7,547b 436km, son Lichte Jan fantastic breeder son De Jan x Lucky Chance top producer from a full sister to De Jan. Dam Tess L/H, g.dtr De Jan x De 058 top dtr Nieu Rossi x Eegnooski, the ace dream pair. Top Leo Heremans breeding, will make a star stock hen.

No 14. C H 17A14376 L/H bred by Curtis, Wall & Lunt, powerful De Jan x Olympiade bloodlines. Sire B09.6348465 Duke, Leo Heremans sire of winners from half brother to De Jan x g.dtr Olympiade x Olga dtr 1st Prov winner. Dam Tessa g.dtr De Jan 6x1sts etc and 1st & 2nd Nat Ace and wonder producer. Tessa nest sister to Tess, see No 13.

No 15. C C 17A14336 L/H Colour Me Gold tip for Nat stardom, bred by Curtis, Wall & Lunt. Direct son No 1 Box 9 Pair our No 1 Leo Heremans stock pair, responsible for countless ace winners and producers alike. They are a true wonder pair, inbred to De Olympiade 003 x De Jan, two super stars of Leo Heremans. Also in this breeding Super Blue, Ascar, Den As, Mooigeschelpte, g.son De Jan, De Super and many more, plus car winner Gust Janssen. Sire De 33 Box 9 cock. Dam De 20 Box 9 dam. Colour Me Gold to found a loft, original pedigree.

No 16. D C 17A14335 L/H Box 35, nest brother to Colour Me Gold, direct son Box 9 Pair Curtis, Wall & Lunt.

No’s 15 & 16 two future super stars and now rare.

No 17. B C 17E29207 L/H, bred by Curtis, Wall & Lunt. Sire 16B39868 direct son top stock cock Blue Thunder sire, sire of many Fed winners including Super 65 winner 3x1st Clubs, 3x1st Feds also g.sire to many more, g.son Olympiade 003 x mother of 868 Miss 088 winner 3x1st Combines up to 6,513b, the very best of Leo Heremans, including Olympiade x De Jan. Dam 15Z82103 dtr Blue Band of Leo Heremans, sire of winners, son Euro Blue x Kay dam of Fed winner, g.dtr Olympiade bred by Gust Janssen.

No 18. B C 17N076461 Green Eye Machine bred by Curtis, Wall & Lunt. Direct son star producer Blue Thunder class and proven breeder of Fed winners and ace producers, the best of Gust Janssen. Blue Thunder is g.son champion Olympiade x 225 hen x Favoriet winner 3x1sts up to 841b, g.son also Olympiade. Dam Britt Leo Heremans, g.dam Fed winners g.dtr Dream Pair Nieuwe Rossi winner 2x1sts x Eenoogske now famous breeders to many classic winners across Europe x Olympiade 003 x Goud Vinkje wonder hen for Leo Heremans. Green Eye Machine will be outstanding in buyers stock loft.

No 19. C H 17N098317 L/H Violet Eyes, absolutely class, bred by Curtis, Wall & Lunt, direct from two of their star breeders. Sire champion producer Eurovision Leo Heremans super star. This fantastic cock responsible for multi Fed and Combine winners plus numerous top class producers etc, super son Champion Den Euro, champion racer, winner 1st Nat Ace, 1st Quievrain 2,687b, 1st Quievrain 2,516b, now responsible for countless winners and producers x Roulette. Dam De 20 champion breeder, she is hen of the famous Box 9 Pair breeding 1st Fed winners since 2013, g.dtr Olympiade x De Kate, De 20 dtr Mooi 506 g.son De Jan x De Super dtr Olympiade. Violet Eyes to found a loft.

No 20. B C 17E29217 L/H Countdown bred by Curtis, Wall & Lunt, a cracker this cock, nest brother to No 10 Fabrino g.son four super stars including De 33 x De 20 Box 9 Pair and champion Eurovision x Deb, all responsible for top Fed Open winners. No 20 and No 10 two super bred pigeons.

No 21. B H 17E29204 L/H, big winning breeding quality right through this bloodline. Sire 16B39865 top stock cock g.son De 69 winner 3x1st Feds, 2nd Fed beaten by loftmate and 2nd Fed etc, son Box 9 Pair x Tessa dam of Fed winner. Dam 16N49431 dam of winners including 1st South West Cheshire Fed and 6th Mid Cheshire Fed YBs. Dtr De 69 top winner 3x1st Feds etc, see here son Box 9 Pair x Donna 100 winner 3x1st Feds and 1st Open Central Lancs Combine 5,802b, g.dam to Fed winners, dtr Hercules x Tara.

No 22. B C 17E29206 g.son two aces Blue Thunder x Miss 088 winner 3x1st Combines up to 6,513b, Olympiade x De Jan together. Nest brother to No 17.

No 23 – Ch 17A14342 H/C sire Lance grandson Dream Pair Nieuwe Rossi x Eegnooski., dam Tessa granddaughter De Jan.