Cornavirus Update

Dear Racing Pigeon community and Friends,

As the difficult situation with coronavirus is evolving I feel it is right to address where we are as The Racing Pigeon Co Ltd.
We know how important and how much many readers value reading The Racing Pigeon each week and are finding it increasingly difficult to get to the newsagents.

We want to let you know if you contact us on 01206 250880 or email we are very happy to make some arrangement where the paper can be delivered to your door continuously for whatever amount of time you choose. Other deliveries including Books, DVDs and all Pigeon Health product orders will continue to be processed and dispatched safely. Royal Mail and our couriers continue to work as usual with their own extra measures in place.

We invite your comments, letters, pictures, articles or any pigeon chat to be sent to us by regular mail, email or though facebook and we will continue to print as many as we can to keep upbeat and continue to discuss our beloved birds.

Any member of the fancy that is on thier own or feeling lonely please do get in touch with us, we are happy to speak to you or find another member of the fancy who would also like a chat on the phone.

Like everyone we do not know anymore regarding when things will get back to normal but want to assure you as it stands we are able to carry on and will update you through digital and through print of any updates that come to our attention on pigeon racing.

Best wishes to you all and take care ? Lee Fribbins, Editor

Any updates we will continue to publish so you know as much as possible regarding racing.

This is an involving situation so please check updates from your associations

Confederation update
25th March 2020

“The following content has been agreed by members of the Confederation including RPRA, NEHU, SHU, WHU but excluding the IHU.

As of 23rd March the UK Government brought in further restrictions to limit the spread and impact of the coronavirus. As a direct result pigeon racing will be suspended until at least 23rd May 2020.

The RPRA and other Unions will continue to monitor the situation, and updates will be published when available.

Furthermore, while non-essential travel is restricted, the following applies to all members: training of pigeons is classed as non-essential travel and is therefore strictly prohibited.

Care of your birds
We understand that many members will be very worried about how to care for their pigeons, especially if you keep them at a location away from home.

Some key points to consider: Attending to the basic needs of your pigeons should be considered as ?essential?, such travel is allowed ? but you still need to comply with all of the latest government guidance.

Further advice ? be prepared: Planning ahead is essential, and you should have alternative arrangements ready in case you are unable to attend to your pigeons for any reason.

The most important scenario to plan for is how your pigeons will be cared for if you become ill ? ensure you have arrangements with your friends, family or fellow fanciers to be able to look after your pigeons in your absence.

I am self-isolating, but I feel OK. Can I go to my pigeons as normal?
If you develop any kind of symptoms such as a raised temperature or persistent cough, current government guidance is that you should self-isolate for a minimum of seven days. Any pigeons kept away from home will have to be looked after by someone else for your period of self-isolation. Try to ensure that you always have enough food to last a fortnight at the loft.

I have been diagnosed with Covid-19. What should I do ?
If you have been diagnosed with Covid-19, the government guidance is that you must not leave your house, unless you are being moved to a hospital. So, someone else will need to look after your pigeons until you have recovered. You must not be tempted to continue looking after your pigeons until after you have recovered.

Ian Evans