Racing Pigeon and Pictorial Advertising

To advertise in The Racing Pigeon Weekly or Racing Pigeon Pictorial International Quarterly please phone 01206 250880 or email

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We have reduced our rates. Primarily, this is in order to help the 10,000 fanciers we serve to continue to be informed, knowledgeable and to understand where various companies are during these times. It is important if companies are able to continue safely, the fancier can be informed and continue to receive a delivery in regards to the upkeep of caring for their pigeons. As we know many fanciers do not have online access. Of course we hope this offer will be most helpful to the companies and businesses who have supported The Racing Pigeon over the years. During these times it is important we all support each other!

We all need to carry on communicating. The health and upkeep of our pigeons is still paramount

All of our adverts are produced in full colour with unlimited photo usage.

All RP rates are half price for a limited period – book now

Full Page was £120 NOW £60 – Dimensions 184mm x 246mm
Half Page was £65 NOW £32.50 – Dimensions 184mm x 121mm
Quarter Page was £35 NOW £17.50 – Dimensions 90.5mm x 121mm
Half Column was £20 NOW £10 – Dimensions 43mm x 121mm
Quarter Column was £15 NOW £7.50 – Dimensions 43mm x 59mm

Please call 01206 250880 or email to book in an advert

Adverts are prepaid only. Terms and Conditions apply. Offer is for limited period

Our advertising offers include: IPAD/IPHONE APP AND ONLINE E-EDITION

All adverts MUST BE PRE-PAID; cheque, credit/debit card, postal order or money order. All rates include VAT and copy should be received by the Friday, a week prior to the actual publication date.


All Adverts Are Full Colour, Plus The Design Work If Needed For No Extra Cost!
– Terms & Conditions Apply.
Back Cover £200 – 200mm x 270mm
Inside front/back page £175 – 200mm x 270mm
Full page inside £150 – 175mm x 254mm
Half page £80 – 175mm x 125mm
Quarter page as a banner only £60 – 175mm x 60mm